Premiere of catalogue no. 35, part 2

16 paź 2021
Premiere of catalogue no. 35, part 2

In the catalogue no. 35 we introduced 146 premiere products in total, including as many as 16 within the Nutricode line and a series inpired by Nutricode. 

NUTRICODE – Magnesium, Vit-D3, Ashwaganda

Let’s start with a few new food supplements in the Nutricode line with essential nutrients, which means that we must get them. A healthy, balanced diet is the best way to get all the nutrition you need; however, sometimes a supplement can help to boost your intake or help to meet your needs, especially if you have a deficiency.  


Next we have for you a new, complete series of dietary supplements that allow you to regain the life balance, facilitating the proper functioning of your body. In the catalogue no. 35 there are as many as 6 new products introduced in the Nutricode Daily Care series because it’s never too late to take care of yourself on a daily basis. That’s why we developed 6 more unique products which help to meet your’s bodies needs.

NUTRICODE – Good Mood Tea Day and Night

If you’re into herbal teas and blends there is a treat for you in our latest catalogue. Good Mood TEA Day and Night from the Nutricode line will not only put you in a good mood but provide all day comfort. One box contains a set of herbal tea in sachets: 25 for morning and 25 for evening with ingredients tailored to help your body meet the challenges of everyday life and get a good night’s sleep. 

FONTAINAVIE Healt&Beauty by Nutricode

There is no disputing the fact that good skin comes from within. I’m sure we can all remember a time during which we’ve eaten and drunk poorly for a few days – the festive season is but one example – with the effects manifesting on our faces in the form of dullness, dehydration and blemishes. And, while consuming a balanced and nutritious diet is essential, sometimes it can be helpful to support what you eat with a skin supplement. Beauty in a pill? Oh yes! This is where Fontainavie meets Nutricode.

 This time you got a solid portion of health and beauty news, so choose the best from the best for your mind and body.