Premiere of catalogue no 35

2 paź 2021
Premiere of catalogue no 35

Dear Business Partners! We present a great new catalog, in which you will find as many as 146 new products, which - we hope - you will love. However, this catalogue is new in many ways. Read on and see what we have changed in it to make it even better and make your work even easier!


When you look inside our latest catalogue you will see a bold change, already at first glance, which we hope you will like and approve of. In the catalogue no. 35 we have changed the logic of product layout. In previous catalogues, all products were divided into categories based on the products’ nature and purpose, i.e. we presented perfumes from different lines together, similarly all body lotions in one section or all antiperspirants. In this edition we have put together all items from a given line to help you navigate and select a comprehensive product offer for example with your favourite fragrance. So, in the catalogue no. 35 all the products from the Pure Royal and Pure collections are presented together, as well as Nutricode and Fontanaivie and many other lines... all this to make it easier for you to pick your order „from head to toe”.


But this is not the only change you will notice in our latest catalogue. Next to some products you will find QR codes, which bring up more information about a given item or a whole product series. This is a great way to quickly find out more about your favourite fragrances or skincare products as well as their properties. There is also a pagespread with all the FM WORLD apps available and a QR code takes you directly to the page where you can download them. Moreover, we have added a new functionality to our catalogue, which will definitely make shopping in our online store easier and faster. The e-catalogue is becoming more and more interactive. From now on, you will see a „plus” sign in a circle next to each product. When you hover over it, a description of a given product will be displayed. By clicking it you will be able to add the selected product straight to your cart and carry on shopping on the following pages of the catalogue.  


In the FM WORLD of perfumes we have plenty of new additions to our different lines and collections. If you wish to give a unique and personal touch to home we have several other products with new fragrances to choose from. In the latest catalogue we introduced: scented candles and wax melts with 5 new fragrances. There are also 5 new pillow mists with calming and cozy compositions to help relax you into deep sleep. As well as bigger selection of Air, Wardrobe and Vacuum Fresheners, and of course reed diffusers which gift a touch of colour to each space at home and give new significance to your intimate space. From now on you have 10 more fragrances in reed diffusers to choose from. And if you’re looking for a new fragrance for autumn / winter for yourself or your loved ones please check out our flagship perfume lines: PURE, PURE ROYAL and UTIQUE. There are as many as 14 new stunning aromatic compositions in the catalogue no. 35 waiting for you! 

In this catalogue we introduced 146 premiere products in total, including 62 new fragrance products and 16 only within the Nutricode line and a series inpired by Nutricode, but more about this in the second presentation of the catalogue no. 35.

Be with us on October 16th, to see what else can you find in our new Catalogue No. 35!